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2 COLORS - Music Of My Life (EURO RAVE MAN MIX) 2 HORNY - Take A Chance 2 MISTAKES - Sweet Little Boy 2ND NATURE feat. GILLY-MAC - Crazy World 2WO THIRD3 - I Want The World 3 II ONE - Make Love 4 WD - You're In My Heart Forever 4-2 THE FLOOR - Future love (7 CULT) 4-2 THE FLOOR - Watching You Watching Me 4T6 - Loop Di Love 49ERS - Rockin´ My Body (CAPPELLA) 5 GUYS NAMED FRAMM - Can You Feel It (EURO MIX) 100% - Power Of The Light A KAY BJ - I Hear You A.M. MORALES - I'd Do Anything For Love (CLUB) ABIGAIL - Don't You Wanna Know ACTIVATE! - Beat Of The Drum ACTIVE BOX, PRISCILLA - Drivin' Trough The Night (CLUB ZONE) AEON - Stand Up AFTER TOUCH - Show Me The Way AHMEX - Girl ALPHIE VASQUEZ - Stop Your Run (ALEX BINI) AMOS - Sweet Music ANDREA - Cause I Love U (CLUB MIX) ANDREW SIXTY - Oh! Carol ANDREW SIXTY - You Got It (TECHNO VERSION) ANDROMEDA - Sending (All My Love) ANDRU DONALDS - Mishale ANITA - Na Na Na (Everybody Wake Up) ANXIOUS - Its love ARMY OF LOVERS - Sexual Revolution ASIA - Happy to me ASTAIRE - I Want To Know What Love Is AVA & STONE - Yeh yoh B 52S - Meet the Flinstones B5 - Listen To Your Heartbeat (ft. BUTCH MASTER FLASH) B.B.W. - Don't Let Go (OTHER MX) B2M - Together BAD BOYS INC. - More To This World BANDIDO - I Drove All Night BANG - You Know, I Know (The Game Of Love) BAYA - Don't Stop The Music BEAT CONTROL - Dancing Madness BEAT CONTROL - Love Life (CLUB) BEAT PRESSURE - Rhythm BEAT PRESSURE - Something On Mind BIG BEAT GENERATION - Keep Givin' All My Love You (DJ CABRIO) BILLIE RAY MARTIN - Your Loving Arms BIT MACHINE ft. DAISY SEE - Somebody Real BLACK & WHITE - Do You Know BLACK DIAMOND - Let Me Be (CAPPELLA) BLACK ROSE - Melody BLAST feat. V.D.C. - Crazy Man BLUE BEAT - Everybody Look At Me BLUR - Girls & Boys (PET SHOP BOYS RMX) BLUR - Parklife BRONSKI BEAT - Smalltown Boy ´94 (FACTORY MIX) BUMPOMANIA - Lady Bump (TECHNO SINGLE VERSION) CABBALLERO - Gimme Gimme More And More CANDY - Holiday CAPITAL SOUND - Desire CAPITAL SOUND - Higher Love CAPITAL SOUND - In The Night CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECT - Rhythm Of Life CARDENIA - Happy Station (PIANO MIX) CAROL MEDINA - Tell Me You Love Me (FRANKFURT) CASCADE - Dont Stop The Music CATHY DENNIS - It's My Style CB MILTON - Open your heart CE CE PENISTON - Hit By Love CELINE DION - Misled CENSOR - Dance (Till Ya Dance No More) CJ LEWIS - R to the A CJ WILSON - Dai La Li La La CLUB FACTORY - I Think I Wanna Rock (ft. MAX P.) CLUBMEN - All We Need Is Love Co.Ro - I Just Died In Your Arms Co.Ro - Temptation COCO - I Had A Dream COMIC - I Surrender To Your Love (MELANIE THORNTON) COOL & COOL ft. O - Can You See The Night COOL JAMES & BLACK TEACHER - Godfather CORO - One Night With You COSMIC BASE - See The Light (ft. T.A.M.C.) CRYSTAL WATERS - 100% Pure Love CRYSTAL WATERS - What I need (ERICK MORE CLUB) CULTURE BEAT - World In Your Hands CULTURE BOY - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me CUTOFF feat. THEA AUSTIN - Celebrate D.D. KING - Come To Me (ft. NOISE) D.J. MIKO - Rhythm D.J. MIKO - What´s Up D.J. SPACE´C - I Need You (ft. ANNE) (CLUB MIX) D.J. SPACE´C - Love 4 Liberty (feat. ANNE) (FACTORY TEAM) DADDY K - Voulez vous coucher avec moi DALMATA - Do it DAN HARTMAN & LOLEATTA H. - Keep The Fire Burnin' DANCEFLOOR SYNDROMA ft. JUICY - Cant You See DARRYL KING - Give Up Your Guns DATURA - The 7th hallucination DEF DAMES DOPE - Don't Be Silly! DEFINITION OF JOY - Stay With Me 4 Ever DELEGATION - Wanna Be The Winner DENA BASS - If You Were Mine (FACTORY TEAM) DEPECHE MODE - In Your Room D-FAME - The ABC of love DIGITAL BOY with ASIA - The Mountain Of King DJ BOBO - Give Yourself A Chance DJ COMPANY - Can You Feel The Spirit DJ COMPANY - Rhythm Of Love DJ DADO - The same DJ H. feat. STEFY - My Body DJ SCOTT feat. LORNA B. - Do You Wanna Party DOUBLE FOX - Nice Life DOUBLE TROUBLE - I Swear DOUBLE YOU - Heart Of Glass D-REAM - Take Me Away DROP - In Your Face D-TRAX - Spinning Around DYMENSION - Power & Passion (ft. HAZELL DEAN) E.X.P. ft. JULIA - Step By Step ECLIPSE - Change your love (ft. ANGELA MARTIN) EGMA - Love is... ECHO BASS - Gotta Dance With The Music EINSTEIN DOCTOR DEEJAY - Automatik Sex ELASTIC BAND - Running Up That Hill (ALEX PARTY) ELEVATE - We Will Be One EMOTIONS - Feeling Emotions ERASURE - I Love Saturday ERASURE - Run To The Sun ERIK - Got To Be Real ETOILE - I Want Your Love (CLUB MIX) EUPHORIC - Do You Like EUPHRASIA - I´m Ready EUROGROOVE - Scan Me (CAPPELLA) F & F - Get Your Freedom FACE II DANCE - I Want You FACE II FACE - You're Living In My Heart FANCY - Long Way To Paradise FANNY CADEO - I Want Your Love FARGETTA - This Time (Sexy Night) FARIAN & McAULEY - Rikki Don't Lose That Number (SPANISH FLY) FAST FORWARD - One More Time FEEL REAL - Abracadabra FITS OF GLOOM - Return To Me (CAPPELLA) FITS OF GLOOM - The Power Of Love FOURTEEN 14 - Don't Leave Me FRAKY FONELL - If You Believe FUN 4 YOU - I'm So Excited FUTURE BEAT - Destiny FUTURE BEAT - X-Tasy FUTURE CITY - Infactuation GIPSY KINGS - The Hits Medley (Megamix) GLAM with PETE BURNS - Sex Drive GOOD MOOD - Together H.I.R.A. - My Name HEART ATTACK - Get Me Going HARAJUKU - Phantom Of The Opera ´94 HIT THE FLOOR - Love Generator HIT´N´RUN - Jump ´94 CHAKA BOOM BANG - Tossin' And Turnin' CHAMBRE - Keep Holding On CHOCOLATE - Brazil (Fellz Navidad) CHRIS - All Nite Long ICE MC - OK Corral! 94 INDEX - U Keep My Heart (ft. CARO) INDEX - We Fly So High INDIANA - All I Need Is Love INDIVIDUAL - Sky High (DIGITAL BOY RMX) INDRA - Hollywood INDRA - Save My Life (TOTAL RMX) INSIDEOUT - Dance (ft. DIDI) INTERACTIVE - Forever Young INTERACTIVE - Oh, Du Frohliche
J.K. - Beat it JAMIE DEE - People (Everybody Needs Love) JAMIE PRICE - Lies JAMIROQUAI - Space Cowboy JEANIE TRACY - Do You Believe In The Wonder JIL - You Can Find Yourself (ft. EYNAT) JINNY - One More Time JOY-LAB - Freedom (Free Your Mind) (ft. MELANIE THORNTON) JT COMPANY - Live my life JT COMPANY - Wet (PROGRESSIVE TRANCE MIX) K. DA CRUZ - New High Energy (RMX) K2 - Die Nachtigall Singt KANGAROO - Somebody's Watching Me KETTY DB - Drive KEY MOTION - Let The Music KIKKA - I Say No More KIM APPLEBY - Don´t Worry (94 REMIX) KIM SANDERS - Ride KIM SANDERS - Where Will You Go KOMAKINO - Feel The Melodee KONTESA - Does Anybody Love This Girl KRISTY - Crazy Crazy KYLIE MINOGUE - Confide in me KYM MAZELLE & JOCELYN BROWN - No More Tears KYM SIMS - I Must Be Free LA FORTUNA - Why Can't You See (UK MIX) (VIVIANA) LA BOUCHE - Do You Hear What I Hear LIAN ROSS - Keep This Feeling LICK ft. KENTUCKY MARTHA - Got to Move Your Body LIGHTNING SEEDS - Lucky you LISA GOMEZ - Sister Golden Hair (FACTORY TEAM) LITTLE ADRIAN - To You LITTLE BOY - Pretty Woman LITTLE NOISE - I Can Feel Your Eyes (Forever Tonight) LONDONBEAT - Come Back LONNIE GORDON - Do You Want It LOOK TWICE - Go Away LOOK TWICE - Mr Dance & Mr Groove LOREE WILLIAMS - I Keep Lovin' You (CAPPELLA) M PEOPLE - Renaissance M PEOPLE - Sight For Sore Eyes M.C. SAR & THE REAL McCOY - Shining Star MAGIC AFFAIR - Tears Of Joy MALI - Set Me Free MANY MORE - Dream on (ft. JASMIN & MARCELLOUS) MARK ´OH - Love Song MARTON - Everybody Says Yeah (V.D.A.) MARVELLOUS MELODICOS - Sing Oh! (ZAGALO MIX) MARY JAY - Hey, Call Me Now MASH! - Let's Spend The Night Together (SAS CLUB MIX) MASH! - U Don't Have To Say You Love Me (CAPPELLA) MASTERBOY - Feel The Christmas Night MASTERJAM - I wanna know MATRIX - Can You Feel It MATRIX - Follow Me (PARA CLUB) MAX-A-MILLION - Fat boy MAXX - Power Of Love MAXIMA - You Set My World On Fire MEGATRONIC - Into The Fire MEGATRONIC & MC HIHAT - Power Of Dancing MELODIE MC - Give It Up! (For The Melodie) MELODIE MC - Were Down With The Dragons MIRANDA JAY - The Onion Song (HANDYMEN STRETCH MIX) MOLELLA - Change MOVETRON - Romeo Ja Julia Mr. PRESIDENT - Christmas Today Mr. V - Give Me Life M-SYSTEM - Keep Right Now NAKED EYE - Dance All Night NATASCHA WRIGHT - Party Of One NETZWERK - Passion (SIMONE JAY) NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK - Dirty Dawg NEWTON - Sky High NEXUS - Keep On Jumpin' NIGHT PEOPLE - In The Night NINA - Dance The Night Away ODYSSEY - Move Your Body ODYSSEY - Winter Night ON T.V. - Set Me Free (ft. LINDA ROCCO) OPHELIA - Hand In Hand OPTIMYSTIC - Caught up in my heart OPUS - The Power Of Live Is Life (BINGOBOYS) OPUS III - When You Made The Mountain ORLANDO - Rock My Heart P.I.D. - I Guess They Think That (ft. ANGEL) PANDORA - One Of A Kind PANDORA - Tell The World PARADISE FALL - 7 Second (CLUB MIX) PARTY NATION - Machine Gun PATERNOSTER - On Earth As It In Heaven (ft. LINDA ROCCO) PEARL - Celebrate (ft. ZARADIKA) PET SHOP BOYS - Yesterday When I Was Mad PINK FLOYD - High Hopes PHARAO - Christmas Land PRINCE ITAL JOE, MARKY MARK - Life In The Streets (STREET MIX) PROJECT P. - I Give You All My Love (ft. THE INFINIT ONE) RADIORAMA - Your Love (FACTORY TEAM EDIT) RAMIREZ - El Gallinero RANDY BUSH - Sounds Like A Melody REEL 2 REAL - Raise your hands (ft. MAD STUNTMAN) RIGHT SAID FRED - Wonderman ROB'N RAZ - Power House (ft. LUTRICIA Mc NEAL & D FLEX) ROXETTE - Fireworks ROXETTE - Run To You ROZLYNE CLARKE - Giving Up, Giving In SAFETY HOUSE - Come On Baby S-CAPE - Set Me Free (New Life) SCOOTER - Vallée De Larmes SENSITY WORLD - Joey SEX CLUB - Big Dick Man SHAMPOO - Trouble SHAZAM - Baby baby baby SHAZAM - No Guarantee SCHWARZKOPF - Coming SILJA - How Could I Find Love (CRETU) SILVIA COLEMAN - All around the world SINEAD O CONNOR - Fire on Babylon SLAM - Back To Music SLAM - We Get Around (When The Sun Goes Down) (SAMIRA) SMACK - Never Ending Love (ALEXIA) SOLID BASE - Together SONIC DREAM COLLECTIVE - Take Me Back SONIC SURFERS - Don't Give It Up SONIC SURFERS - Everybody! SOPHIA - Gimme The Night SORAYA - Do You Believe In Magic SOULADELIC - I Want Your Body SPARKS - When Do I Get To Sing My Way SPLASH - Bells Of Hope STANLEY FOORT - Love Makes The World Go Round STELLA GETZ - Yeah yeah SUPERFLY - Is It Love SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD - So Good So Right (All I Can Do) SYSTEMATIC - Love Is The Answer SYSTEMATIXX - Believe In Yourself T.F.O. - Soul & Body TALEESA - I Found Luv TANIA PIATTELLA - I Know TECHNOTRONIC - One + one (EUROTRONIC) TEXTURE - Power of love THE BOOMSHAKERS - Boom! Shake The Room THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES - Spend Some Time THE CORPORATION - Return to innocence (AMBIENT) THE EVOLUTION - The Evolution (Make It Move) (DJS LONG MIX) THE GRID - Swamp Thing THE GRID - Texas Cowboys THE HUMAN LEAGUE - Tell Me When THE MUSKETEERS - All For Love (ft. FRANCA MORGANO) THE O.T. QUARTET - Hold That Sucker Down THE PRIDE - So Many Men, So Little Time THE PRODIGY - No Good (Start The Dance) THE PRODIGY - Voodoo People THE PROFESSOR - Rockin' Me THE RIDERS - Bang THE RIDERS - Burning Up TINMAN - 18 Strings TNN - La Cucamarcha TOM HOOKER - Runaway TOOLEX - Fly Away TREASURE 2 - Deeper And Deeper TREASURE 2 - Reality TWENTY 4 SEVEN - I Cant Stand It 94 UNIT - Live It Up URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE - Bring It On Home URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE - Sail Away VALENCIA NO EXISTE - Feel Your Loving WEATHER GIRLS - We Shall All Be Free WINDSING FEAT. E. ESPAGO - In The Summertime WORLDS APART - Everlasting Love WUBBLE U - Petal X-KAMERON - I Wanna Be Your Lover X-PRESSION - This Is Our Night YAKI-DA - I Saw You Dancing ZOO INC - Lay Down Z-PLANE - Giving Enough ZULU - Pain In My Heart
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To co se nevešlo do TOP 100, ani do abecední další 100 najdete již jen v seznamu zde! Spousta dalších krásných hitů z tohoto roku a velká dávka neznámých pecek, které jsou velmi dobré, nic špatného bych Vám nedoporučil, mám všechny písně velmi dobře naposlouchané ;-) Je to skutečně velmi dlouhý přehled, stejně dlouhý jako bude následující rok 1995! V těchto dvou letech najdete největší výběr ze všech cca přes 40 let, takže si příjdou na své milovníci dancelooru a eurodance ;-) Ono to možná tímto vypadá, že můj přehled na hudbou od roku 1996 slábl, ne!, to vůbec ne, naopak a ještě jsem později začal hrát jako DJ čímž se mé sledování hitů a novinek umocnilo, otevřel se mi internet… ale.. kvalitní hudby začlo skutečně ubývat, každý rok byla skvělá hudba, jak jinak ale ta kvantita byla v letech 1994 & 1995 neuvěřitelná ;-) Věřím, že si badatelé objeví další super bomby, které budou pro ně novinkou v playlistu ;-) To nejlepší z POPU čeká na Vás na již v pořadí čtvrté části POP HITS. Výběr z nejlepších dance alb pak v ALBUMS! Neopomeňte videa a megamixy v části MIXES! Váš žokej Crayfish ;-)
HITZ.CZ by DJ Crayfish, Czech Republic. If You Find Your Record, Your Life Will Be Better!
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