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2 COLORS - I Feel Alive 2 IN A ROOM - Giddy Up 3-O-MATIC - All I Want Is You 20 FINGERS - Mr. Personality (ft. GILLETTE) 20 FINGERS - Sex Machine (ft. KATRINA) 20 FINGERS - You're A Dog (ft. GILLETTE) 740 BOYZ - Shimy Shake (ft. 2 IN A ROOM) AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Feel The Vibe AFTER TOUCH - She Wanna Dance AMOS - Let Love Shine ANN MARIE SMITH - (You're My One And Only) Truelove ANCORAH - You Will Be Mine (FAITH MIX) ANTARES - Bright Side Of The Sun ANTARES - Ride On A Meteorite ANDREW SIXTY - The Time Of My Life (FIRST TIME) ANN MARIE SMITH - (You're My One And Only) Truelove APHRODITE - Tell me ARMY OF LOVERS - Life Is Fantastic (SCATMAN) ARMY OF LOVERS - Venus and Mars ASIA - Happy To Be ASO MAMIKO - Drive Me Crazy To Love B.A. feat. MOTI SPECIAL - Cold Days Hot Nights BANANARAMA - I found love (ROZI MIX) BANDITO - Slave To The Music BARBARA ANN - Set me free BASIC ELEMENT - Queen Of Love BASIC ELEMENT - Ride BEACH PARTY - Night To Remember BEAT SYSTEM - Lights Of America BEAT SYSTEM - Stay With Me (Tell Me That You Love Me) BED & BREAKFAST - Stay Together BERRI - Shine Like A Star BILLIE RAY MARTIN - Running Around Town BISHOP - Lift Me Up (CAPPELLA Raper) BLACK BOX - A Positive Vibration (PART I) BLACK BOX - Not anyone BLACK DIAMOND - Go With Love BLACK MACHINE - U Make Me Come A Life BLISS TEAM - Hold On To Love BLISS TEAM - You Make Me Cry BLITZ - V.I.P. BLIZZARD - It's Only Love BLUE HEART - Singin' I'm Happy BLUMCHEN - Herz an Herz BUMP - Play It Again B-ONE - Can't Stop The Boogie (ft. LA VELLE & JUN BUG) B-ONE - The Rhythm CABBALLERO - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes CABBALLERO - Royality CANDY GIRLS - Fee Fi Fo Fum (ft. SWEET PUSSY PAULINE) CAPITAL SOUND - Give A Litlle Love CAPITAL SOUND - Love Comes Around CAPTAIN HOLLYWOOD PROJECT - The Way Love Is CAROL BAILEY - Feel It CAROL BAILEY - Fever (ALEX PARTY) CARTOUCHE - Miracles CAUGHT IN THE ACT - Love Is Everywhere CAUGHT IN THE ACT - My Arms Keep Missing You CELVIN ROTANE - I Believe (Uuh!) CELVIN ROTANE - Push Me To The Limit CLOCK - Axel F CLOCK - In The House CLOCK - Whoomp There It Is CLUB FACTORY - Love 4 Lovin (ft. MAX P.) CLUBHOUSE FEAT. CARL - You And I CLUBLAND - Gimme Love, Gimme All (Feat. ZEMYA HAMILTON) CLUBLAND - Peace Of Luv (Feat. ZEMYA HAMILTON) CLUBZONE - Passion Of The Night CO.RO. FEAT. LYEN - Run away COBRA - Born 2 Love U COLLAGE - The World Of Carmen CONNIE NICE - Dancing In The Night CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST - Music In My Mind CRYSTAL WATERS - Relax CUT´N´MOVE - I´m Alive D REAM - Party Up The World D REAM - Shoot Me With Your Love D.J. MIKO - Love Lullaby (FACTORY TEAM) DANCE 2 TRANCE - I Have A Dream DANCE 4 COLOR - More Of The Hot Stuff DAS MODUL - 1100101 DE LACY - Hideaway DEF DAMES DOPE - Feel Free DEF DAMES DOPE - Never Givin' In DEF DAMES DOPE - Show Me What U Got DESTINATION - Happy Days, Happy Weeks DIANA´S - All I Need Is Love DIS-DANCE - Set me in motion (ft. MIYAGE & RAZ) DIVA - The Sun Always Shines On TV DJ BOBO - Freedom DJ CERLA & MORATTO - Wonder DJ DADO - Face It DJ FLAVOURS - Rhythm Flow DJ PAUL ELSTAK - Luv U More DJ QUICKSILVER - Bingo Bongo DJ SCOTT & LORNA B. - Sweet Dreams DJ TONKA - Feel DJ TONKA - Flashback DJ TONKA - Phun-ky DOMINICA - I Gotta Let You Go DOOP - Huckleberry Jam DOUBLE YOU - Loving You D-PHASE - I Owe You Nothing D-PHASE - Tell Me Why Dr. NO - In The Middle Of The Night D-STRESSED - Love Me Forever (Dam Dam Dam) DUNE - Are You Ready To Fly DUNE - Hardcore Vibes DYNAMO - Vision Of Love E MOTION - Open Your Mind EAST BEAT SYNDICATE - 1000 Nights And One EAST SIDE BEAT - Back For Good (ft. MAX) EAST SIDE BEAT - I Want To Know What Love Is (ft. MAX) ECHO BASS - Givin It Up EINSTEIN DOCTOR DEEJAY - Cosmic Radio Station ELASTIC BAND - Ventura Highway (FARGETTA) ELECTRIC GOLD - Hey Mr Devil ERASURE - Fingers & Thumbs E-ROTIC - Willy Use A Billy... Boy E-TYPE - Russian Lullaby EU-JHEENE - This Is The Night EUROGROOVE - Boogie Woogie (ft. DANNII MINOGUE) EUROGROOVE - It's On You (Scan Me) EXIL - Go Go Happy Go FANTASIA - 7 FORMAT - Take A Ride In The Sky (PREZIOSO) FOURTEEN 14 - Goodbye (ALEXIA) FORTNOX - Oh Suzanna FRANKIE KNUCKLES ft. ADEVA - Whadda U Want (FRANKIE) FULL SPEED - Happy FUTURE BEAT - Power Of Love (DANCEFLOOR) FUTURE BREEZE - Read My Lips G.E. CON-X-ION ft. SAMIRA - Keep On Running GARFIELD - Cool Cat GIBSON BROTHERS - Cuba (95 RMX) (FACTORY TEAM) GILLY B. - Tonight GINA MOHAMMED - Love Is All I See GINA T. - Stop In The Name Of Love GLORYLAND - Power Of Love GOMPIE - Alice, Who The X Is Alice GRACE - Not Over Yet (PERFECTO EDIT) GUSTO - Disco Revenge 95 (MOLE HOLE) HAD - Spirit Of The Night HAPPY MAN - Don't Worry, Be Happy HERBIE - The Skank HERBIE - Big Funky Dealer HOUSECREAM - You, Danger CHAK - Summer Party CHAMPAGNE - Save Me CHARLY LOWNOISE & MENTAL THEO - Stars CHERRY MOON - Everybody Get Down ICE MC - Run Fa Cover IMPERIO - Amor Infinitus INDIAN FIRE - Hold Me INDRA - Anywhere INDRA - Everybody Move In On INDRA - We Belong Together INTENSE - Come Back And Stay INTERACTIVE - Forever Young INTERACTIVE - Living Without Your Love INTERMISSION - All Together Now INTERMISSION - Planet Love J.K. - You and I JAMIE DEE - Dreaming Blue (CLUB) JAMIE DEE - So Good (RMX) JESSICA JAY feat. DUFFY - The Tide Is High JIL - I Give You All My Love (DANCE REMIX) JIL BEE - Break Those Chains JIM feat. SAI - 24 Hours JML - Groove Beat JOE TREND - Without U JOE SAMBA Jr. & AFRICAN VIBES - I Like Summer JOE TREND - Without U JT & THE BIG FAMILY - I Kick You In A Ditch JT COMPANY - Baby Hold On (JT COMPANY X 3 M) K. DA CRUZ - Love Is Lifting Me Higher K2 - Grosser Bär
KC FLIGHTT - Bang KELLY LLORENNA - Brighter Day KELLY O - Follow Your Heart (CAPPELLA Singer) KIM WILDE - Breakin' Away KOB - Take It Up KOMAKINO - Outface KYMELLE - Show That Body Baby L.A. STYLE - Magic Trip LA ESPERANZA - Everybody Dance (COSMIC SPACE) LACUNA PROJECT - Like Ice In The Sunshine LADIVA - The Night Is My Life LAVINIA JONES - Velvet Park LEONE DI LERNIA - Short Dick Man (Zimm Amamt) LINDA FIELDS - Shame Shame Shame 95 (PLEASUREDOME MIX) LINDA ROCCO - Fly With Me LIPSTICK - Back For Good (POP IT UP 7 MIX) LOFT - It's Raining Again LONDON BOYS - Gospeltrain To London LOOK TWICE - Feel The Night LOOK TWICE - Go Away LOOK TWICE - That's The Way (I Like It) LOVE CONNECTION - Everybody Coka LUTHER VANDROSS & JANET - The Best Things… (K-KLASS) M PEOPLE - Itchycoo Park M PEOPLE - Love Rendezvous M.A.D. - Living In A Dream MAI TAI - History 95 MA-RADSCHA & THE SHAM - Right Now MARC Z Present MORPHOSIS - Caught In A Dream MARK ´OH - Droste, Hörst Du Mich MAURO PILATO & MAX MONTI - Gam Gam MAX-A-MILLION - Take Your Time (Do It Right) MC ERIK & BARBARA - Summer Nights '95 MC OZBORNE - Can U Feel It MC-X - The Night Is Mine MEGABABE - Partytime MELODIE MC - Bomba Deng MICROBOTS, KIM SANDERS - I didnt know what to expect (RMX) MICHAEL JACKSON - This Time Around MOBIUS LOOP feat. JULIA ZEE - Sleeping in My Car MOLELLA - XS MOTIV8 - Break The Chain Mr. KASH - Wonderland (DANCE HARD) Mr. PRESIDENT - Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now) MULTI CULT - Beautiful Day (TNT CLUB MIX) MUSIC INSTRUCTOR - Hymn NAKED EYE - Tonight NAOMI CAMPBELL - I Want To Live (BEN LIEBRAND) NEVERLAND - Love Is All Around NICKI FRENCH - Total Eclipse Of The Heart NIGHTCRAWLERS - Dont Let The Feeling Go (ft. JOHN REID) NIGHTCRAWLERS - Lets Push It (ft. JOHN REID) NIGHTCRAWLERS - Surrender Your Love (ft. JOHN REID) N-TRANCE - Stayin' Alive (ft. RICARDO DA FORCE) OBSESSION - Only Wanna Be With You ODYSSEY - Everybody Move OFRA HAZA - Mata Hari ONE LOVE - Thats The Way I Like It (ft. MARKY MARK) ORLANDO - I'm Dreaming (ROLLOVER FM) OUTTA CONTROL - Tonight It's Party Time PANDORA - The Naked Sun PARADISIO - Un Clima Ideal (ft. Marisa) PEARL - Summer Holiday PENELOPE - Take A Chance PIZZAMAN - Happiness PO.LO - I Want You PREZIOSO - Don't Stop PREZIOSO feat. DAPHNES - Anybody Anyway PRINCE ITAL JOE feat. MARKY MARK - Rastaman Vibration PRINCESS PARAGON - A Girl Like You PRIORITY - Do That Dance PROPHET - It's Gonna Be The Night (EURO CLUB) PROYECTO UNO - El Tiburon (RMX) PUSSY - Suck my pussy (CAN U DANCE MIX) RADIORAMA - It's A Lonely Wait (FACTORY TEAM) RADIORAMA - Little Bird (FACTORY TEAM) RAGGA 2 SUNSHINE - Sunshine Love RED VELVET - Lady Don't Cry REDNEX - Wild 'N Free REEL 2 REAL - Conway (ft. MAD STUNTMAN) RIGHT SAID FRED - Living On A Dream RIVERSIDE PEOPLE - Fantasy Dancing ROZALLA - You Never Love The Same Way Twice ROZLYNE CLARKE - Knockin' Me Out (SMASH MIX) ROZLYNE CLARKE - Take My Hand RUFFNECK ft. YAVAHN - Everybody Be Somebody RYAN PARIS - Dolce Vita ´95 S.L.A.M. - Take your time (ft. JOANNA) SANDY BEACH - Undercover Lover SCATMAN JOHN - Hey You SCOOTER - Endless Summer SCOOTER - Friends SENSITY WORLD - Feel It SEQUENTIAL ONE - Happy Feelings SHARON´S - Gimme Your Love SHAUNA DAVIS - Get away SHIVA - Freedom SING MIT TIM - Halt's Maul (Und Schlaf Mit Mir) SKIBBY - Feel My Riddim (ft. KING LOVER) SKY BAZAAR - Sunny Night SLAM - Summer Summertime SLAM - U Got 2 Know (Doodappenbadappen) SLEAZESISTERS - Sex (with WIKKI SHEPARD) (MOTIV 8) SNAP! - The World In My Hands (ft. SUMMER) SOLID BASE - In Your Dreams SOLID BASE - Mirror, Mirror SONIC BOOM - I Want Some Holiday (ft. KURTIS BLOW) SONORO - Get Up & Dance SONORO - Keep On, Keep On Movin' SOUND OF R.E.L.S. - Raising My Family SPACE MISSION - Red Martian STANLEY FOORT - Find You Anyway STAR WASH - Disco Fans STAR WASH - Strong Like A Lion STAY-C - Wham Bam STEEL - Power Of Love STRIKE - The Morning After (Free at Last) SWEETBOX - Booyah (Here We Go) (ft. TEMPEST) SWING ft. Dr. ALBAN - Sweet Dreams SYSTEMATIXX - Move It Up (Gimme Your Lovin') SYSTEMATIXX - Power Of Love T.H. EXPRESS - (I'm) On Your Side (NEW BASS EDIT) T.H. EXPRESS - Missing In The Rain T.O.F. - Feel This Groove T.O.F. - Funk It Up TALEESA - Let Me Be TATJANA - Santa Maria TAYLOR DAYNE - Tell it to my heart (TONY DE VIT CLUB) TECHNO COP - The Miracle Of Life TECHNOHEAD - Headsex TECHNOHEAD - I Wanna Be A Hippy THE BUCKETHEADS - Got Myself Together THE FREE - Dance The Night Away THE LOVERS - Love Me To The Limit THE ORIGINAL - B 2gether THE OUTHERE BROTHERS - Don't Stop THE OUTHERE BROTHERS - La La La Hey Hey THE OUTHERE BROTHERS - Pass The Toilet Paper ´95 THE RIDERS - Bonkers THE SHAMEN - Destination Eschaton THOMAS ANDERS - A Little Bit Of Lovin' TI.PI.CAL. - Round And Round (ft. JOSH) TOM WILSON - Technocat TRANX-MISSION - Going Back To My Roots (PIANO EDIT) T-SPOON - A Part Of My Life T-SPOON - Mercedes Benz TWENTY 4 SEVEN - Keep On Tryin' (ft. STAY-C & NANCE) U96 - Boot II UNDERCOVER - Every Breath You Take UNDERWORLD - Born Slippy (Trainspotting) UNITY POWER - I Feel The Music URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE - Rest Of My Love URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE - Spend The Day URGENT C - Wish You Were Here VIVA - Nirvana WALDO - Forever WALDO - Give Me Your Love WALDO - It's About Time WHIGFIELD - Close To You (DOWN TOWN REMIX) WHIGFIELD - It's Alright WINDSING - In The Summertime (ft. E. ESPAGO) WINK - Higher State Of Consciousness WORLDS APART - Baby Come Back X-ITE - Down Down Down X-PERIENCE - Circles of love YAKI-DA - Deep In The Jungle YAKI-DA - Pride Of Africa YOUNG BLOOD - Step It Up
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To co se nevešlo do TOP 100, ani do abecední další 100 najdete již jen v seznamu zde! Některé kousky tímto opět oplakávám, ale právě proto vznikla ještě další tato třetí podstrana ročníku, aby Vám žádný další dobrej kousek neutekl. V tomto roce byl vyloženě přetlak skvělé taneční disco muziky! V podstatě to byl nejsilnější rok, který pamatuji a který navázal na skvělý rok 1994! V tomto textové seznamu najdete další velkou kupu velkých hitů, ale i těch méně známých. Je to skutečně velmi dlouhý přehled, ale věřte mi, že žádnou blbou píseň bych Vám nedoporučil ;-) resp. úplné odpady u mě na webu nenajdete, only nice songs! Některé méně známý songy by byly hity, ne kdyby měly více štěstí tentokrát, jak často řikám, ale hold nebylo už místo na rotace, prostě to byl fakt přetlak jako kráva ;-) Věřím, že si badatelé objeví další super bomby, které budou pro ně novinkou v playlistu ;-) To nejlepší z POPU čeká na Vás na již v pořadí čtvrté části POP HITS. Výběr z nejlepších dance alb pak v ALBUMS! Crayfish.
HITZ.CZ by DJ Crayfish, Czech Republic. If You Find Your Record, Your Life Will Be Better!
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